Dr. Al Zeitoun

Global Innovation Strategist


Operational Excellence Across 3 Critical Spheres

Having worked in just about every corner of the world, Dr. Zeitoun has seen firsthand how challenging it is for organizations to achieve operational excellence in the midst of uncertainty. Reflecting on the opportunities he has had working across the globe, Dr. Zeitoun will explore a model for operational excellence that supports a foundation for creating a dynamic, high agility environment poised to deal with the ever-increasing pace of change.

The model consists of three critical spheres or enablers: process autonomy, digitally capable people, and agile delivery-focused governance. A fast and delicate balance is needed between the spheres, and each has its own individual gauge and impact. These spheres also have an integrated effect, as they work in tandem to achieve a higher excellence scale and shape the way we work into the future.



Dr. Zeitoun is a business optimization and operational performance excellence expert with global experience in strategy execution, portfolio, program and project management. His experiences encompass leading organizations; developing their Enterprise Program Management Offices (EPMOs); guiding systematic Methodology implementations; and successfully executing complex global mega infrastructure, IT and manufacturing strategies. Furthermore, he has directed leadership education, research activities, and curricula of institutions worldwide.