Joe Justice


Scrum Inc. Japan

President of Hardware

Scrum Inc.

Scrum Transformation for Publicly Traded Companies

“Scrum for Publicly Traded Companies” shares what the Scrum Inc. team has learned about maximizing investor returns with Scrum, valuations and acquisitions and spinoffs with scrum, and completing initiatives with high investor scrutiny. Our presenter, Joe Justice, will be focusing on examples from Tesla, 3M, and Toyota.



Joe Justice is the President of Scrum Inc. Global and the COO of Scum Inc. Japan. Joe is the inventor of Scrum Hardware and the eXtreme Manufacturing technical practices which support it. He teaches globally to credential Scrum Hardware Trainers in his methods and collaborates to improve those methods. He is a Certified Scrum Trainer and performs as an executive during agile transformations. Joe’s work is most recently featured in Harvard Business Review, Forbes, and the book Scrum Hardware.