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Managing Projects with Microsoft
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Working Together to Effectively Support
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Traditional Classroom
Course No.:
3 Days
21 PDUs / 2.1 CEUs
IIL Virtual Classroom
Course No.:
Six 3 hour sessions
18 PDUs / 1.8 CEUs
Prerequisites: None
Course Level:

Basic / Intermediate


About the Program
This course provides instruction for building, managing and interacting on a SharePoint Project Management Information System (PMIS).  Learn the intricacies of SharePoint and master its use to analyze and control projects, clarify objectives and communicate with team members. 

Who Should Attend

  • Project managers and project teams who want to leverage SharePoint to manage projects more effectively
  • Individuals with fundamental knowledge of Project Management (PM)
  • Users with basic SharePoint experience

Performance Focus

  • Exploiting SharePoint Technologies to manage successful projects
  • Build a SharePoint Project Management Information System (PMIS)
  • Creating and customizing a SharePoint site for effective project collaboration

What You Will Learn
You’ll learn how to:

  • Foster team and stakeholder communications in a SharePoint Site
  • Leverage central project management processes with SharePoint
  • Monitor and analyze the project in a SharePoint site
  • Set up project status reports
  • Synchronize common project management tools with SharePoint

Course Overview

Getting Started

  • Introductions
  • Course Structure
  • Course Goals

Exploring the SharePoint Environment

  • Advantages of SharePoint
  • Types of SharePoint systems
  • Structures of a SharePoint environment
  • What you need to know before you start
  • Additional tools for working with SharePoint: MS Office, SharePoint Designer, SharePoint Workspace

Using SharePoint for Project Information Management

  • PM processes and project information management
  • How to use a team platform in projects
  • Linking SharePoint elements to PM processes
  • Planning  project communications

Setting up the Project Management Site

  • Setting up a new SharePoint Site
  • Implementing and using site templates
  • Customizing the homepage for your project
  • Using the site pages library
  • Using search

Fundamental Administrative Tasks on the Site

  • Planning your team
  • Defining access levels and user roles
  • Adding users to your site
  • Defining access for individual content levels
  • Customizing navigation

Fostering Team Communication with SharePoint

  • Activating team features
  • Setting up a team calendar
  • Setting up task lists
  • Implementing issue tracking
  • Using specific lists:  phone calls, memos, etc.
  • Using notifications
  • Connecting your site to Outlook
  • Creating a personal homepage for team members
  • Working offline with SharePoint  content

Implementing Project Planning Tools in SharePoint

  • Tasks of project planning
  • Managing requirements and scope
  • Defining your WBS
  • Implementing a project schedule
  • Using MS Project with SharePoint
  • Implementing a WBS dictionary, and linking it to tasks
  • Using document libraries for project documents
  • Project cost management with SharePoint

Implementing Stakeholder Management and Communication

  • Implementing a contact list for stakeholders
  • Using the contact list in Outlook
  • Importing / exporting contact information
  • Defining the stakeholder register
  • Implementing the stakeholder register
  • Securing the stakeholder register

Implementing Risk Assessment and Management

  • The risk management process
  • Defining risk management
  • Setting up the risk register
  • Implementing risk assessment
  • Connecting risks to project tasks
  • Creating a risk management page

Integrated Change Control with Content Approval, Version Control, and Workflows

  • Implementing CheckIn/CheckOut for libraries and lists
  • Using version control for project documents
  • Implementing a standard workflow for change approval
  • Defining a custom workflow with SharePoint Designer

Implementing Project Tracking and Status Reporting

  • Using excel with SharePoint lists
  • Building Excel reports with Project
  • Publishing reports on SharePoint
  • Setting up a web pages for publishing project status
  • Using circulations
  • Implementing Milestone Tracking and EVM
  • Using Excel Services for KPI, Milestone Tracking, and EVM

Using Meeting Workspaces for Status Meetings

  • Elements of a meeting workspace
  • Strategies for using workspaces
  • Setting up a workspace

Procurement Management with SharePoint

  • Implementing a contract database
  • Securing contracts with version control
  • Defining meta information for contracts
  • Working with contracts in Word
  • Implementing email acceptance for contract reporting

Closing and Archiving the Project

  • Closing the project
  • Approving project success
  • Saving and exporting the content

Recap & Closing

What did we learn, and how can we implement this in our work environments?

Notes: This course contains multiple hands-on labs where you will need to bring a laptop with WiFi capabilities.

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