Alan Mallory

Speaker/Author/Performance Coach

Reaching New Heights in Project Management

Climbing Mount Everest is considered one of mankind’s greatest feats of human endurance. The two-month quest to reach the highest point on earth is a project filled with unparalleled challenges and some of the roughest and most extreme conditions imaginable.

Alan Mallory embarked on the adventure of a lifetime and set a world record along with four members of his family after an incredible self-guided expedition on the mountain. The expedition challenged the mental, emotional and physical limits of their entire beings and at every stage of the ascent demanded an unwavering commitment to resilience and perseverance.

Alan's keynote is a gripping and informative presentation that is supported by many of the stunning photos and short video clips. It highlights the importance of many project management strategies and qualities such as strategic planning, effective communication, teamwork and trust as well as the mentality and passion involved in conquering one’s own Everest. Alan also highlights the essential processes that are involved in planning and executing difficult projects by using the challenge of Everest as a metaphor and example of such a project.

The underlying message is about how we as project managers need to reach new heights in the way we think and the actions we take in order to advance our profession and achieve breakthrough performance. Alan creates a powerful and unforgettable journey for his audience by integrating his many years of innovative leadership and project management experience with captivating mountaineering and adventure examples.


A graduate from Queen’s University, Alan has worked internationally with large organizations as a professional engineer and project manager developing patents and solutions to complex challenge in the mining and metals industry. Building experience through a lifestyle of adventure and challenge, in the spring of 2008 Alan embarked on the project of a lifetime and set a world record on Mount Everest along with three members of his immediate family.