J. LeRoy Ward

Executive VP – Enterprise Solutions, IIL

What Great Executive Sponsors Do…and When!

Numerous studies have shown that having an actively engaged executive sponsor is a key driver of project success—yet, many organizations do not assign sponsors to projects, and when they do, the results aren't what they hoped or expected.

Most sponsors want to be effective but they simply don't know how because they've never been trained. J. LeRoy Ward takes the mystery out of sponsorship by describing exactly what a sponsor should do (and when during the project life-cycle) to capitalize on this powerful role and its ability to boost the chances of project success.


J. LeRoy Ward is a highly respected consultant and adviser to Global Fortune 500 Corporations and government agencies in the areas of project, program, and portfolio management. With more than 38 years of government and private sector experience, LeRoy specializes in working with senior executives to understand their role in project and program sponsorship, governance, portfolio management and the strategic execution of projects and programs.