Kasia Grzybowska

Head of Project Portfolio Management

Portfolio as a Value Enabler: How to Make It Real

A portfolio as a value enabler is not easy to achieve. It requires not only good process, practices and the right competencies in place but it also needs a change in the mindset of those involved in managing the portfolio. Quite often, a portfolio is not perceived as a value enabler but a necessary administrative burden. But how it can be perceived differently if it is presented as a collection of projects and programs or a massive Gantt chart? In order to change that perception and turn it into something tangible, portfolio management must apply principles of investment management. With this principle, it can turn into a great vehicle to drive business objectives.


Kasia Grzybowska is an influential, very energetic, results focused transformational leader with 16 years of international work experience. She has a strong background in organizational change management, project and program management. For the past 2 years, Kasia has been leading the project portfolio at Nestlé. She has been recognized externally for driving innovation within this area as the winner of the HBMAIPM Award 2018 for Innovation in Project Portfolio Management.