Lisa Bodell

CEO and Founder


Innovation Simplified: Why Simple Wins

Lisa Bodell delivered this excellent keynote session on Simplicity at IIL's 2019 Leadership and Innovation Online Conference.

Imagine what you could do with the time you spend drowning in mundane tasks like meetings, reports, and emails? Complexity is holding most of us back from creating an innovative culture that embraces really valuable work. Simplification is the solution, and every organization wants to know the techniques to help them eradicate complexity and get back to meaningful work that drives innovative change.

Bodell inspires leaders and their teams to consider what it means to have an innovative company. It isn’t about creating a culture of cool lounge areas with ping pong tables. More than anything, your culture will be predicated on the work people do every day. If your organization is mired in meetings, emails, and reports, then that is what your culture will be known for; but, wouldn’t you rather be known as the company where people are engaged in truly meaningful work every day? Lisa gives you the tools to make this a reality.

Key Takeaways

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About Lisa Bodell:

CEO of futurethink Lisa Bodell is the bestselling author of Why Simple Wins. She is a recognized global leader on simplification and innovation, whose keynotes leave audiences inspired with a vision and armed with tools towards action.