Maria Linage Muñoz

Sr. HR Manager, HERE Technologies

Outstanding Leadership is of Essence

We are undergoing an enormous amount of change. Aligning tools, acquiring companies, simplifying processes, creating new business models, onboarding new partners and designing new customer services are only some of the elements that constitute what we call "a year of transformation.”

One of these efforts is the "Agile Transformation.” To achieve true business agility, we need to incorporate an understanding of a true agile mindset, its processes and structure into the whole company. This is a challenge since it touches upon all areas, including HR, finance and purchasing processes.

This presentation will explore how outstanding leadership that models the right culture, behaviors and accountability is what makes or breaks this effort.


After studying at the Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne in Switzerland, I started my hotel management career at Hilton Hotels International in Paris. A very strong can-do attitude and focus on satisfying the customer is surely what I carried away from those 10 years. After that I founded my own business which started in hotel consultancy and culminated in a solid training business focused around soft skills and leadership development in Germany, Luxembourg and Spain.

In 2014 I started as a soft skill and leadership trainer at HERE, a Nokia business and was lucky to be able to take care of our employees across EMEA and APAC. Many cultures, frequent change and a very complex and fast changing environment made the job extremely interesting. Currently I am in charge of designing leadership programs, and creating the frameworks that enable our business to develop and adapt to all the changes.