V. Mary Abraham

Academic Director, M.S. in Information & Knowledge Strategy

Columbia University in the City of New York

How to Succeed as a Collaborative Leader

Mary Abraham delivered this excellent session on Collaborative Leadership at IIL's 2019 Leadership and Innovation Online Conference.

Leading innovation requires more than a traditional command-and-control approach. After all, while you may hope for innovation, can you actually command it into existence?

The better approach is to bring the right team together and then lead them to accomplish something greater than any single member of the team could create by themselves. This is the optimal form of leadership for innovation. It is collaborative leadership.

In this presentation, Mary Abraham shares learning from her work on Leading Collaboration.

About V. Mary Abraham

V. Mary Abraham is Academic Director of the Master of Science in Information and Knowledge Strategy (IKNS) program at Columbia University. IKNS is a leadership development program whose graduates know how to optimize organizational decision-making and execution through high-performing teams and collaborative leadership.

Mary has also built an international consulting practice facilitating collaboration, strategic conversations, and interactive educational sessions for a variety of for-profit and nonprofit organizations. She holds a bachelor of arts degree, a law degree, and a masters of international affairs degree. She was a lawyer with a top international law firm for over 20 years, working on international mergers & acquisitions transactions and complex joint ventures.