Paul Jones

EMEA Project & Prog. Mgmt. Community Lead, Fujitsu

Shared Knowledge is Power – Building an Agile Project Management Community

As project managers, we do not deliver. We do not cut code or build bridges. We work with teams and stakeholders to ensure that delivery is done.

The job of the project manager is about working with people, breaking down barriers, reducing risk, and managing change. To do this well, it’s not about “know what,” it’s about “know how.” Better access to knowledge—and the support to use it wisely—means faster, cheaper, and higher quality projects.

At Fujitsu, our vision is about providing the ability for project managers to share knowledge and experience by interacting with other members of the community, in agile and dynamic client-facing environment. Equally as important is taking that knowledge back into the organisation. This supports the individual in developing their professional career, and supports the organization in improving its project delivery.

Understanding your customers’ changing organisation is difficult enough. Combined with your own ever-changing organisation and the faster pace of agile project delivery, we need to leverage more than just our own knowledge and experience.

A strong project management community driven by knowledge sharing may be the answer you need. The size of your organisation is irrelevant – everyone can benefit from a knowledge based community. It is how you shape the community to meet your needs that will deliver the benefits.


Paul has over 20 years’ experience in Project Management, with a successful track record in Project & Programme Delivery and managing PMOs. He is currently responsible for delivering the long-term strategy for Project & Programme Management across EMEA at Fujitsu, and supporting the development of the professional community by putting knowledge sharing at the core of their working practices.

He also represents Fujitsu at the PMI® Global Executive Council, a group of leading global companies who work together with the aim of improving project delivery within their organizations and the wider profession through the sharing of best practice and experience.