Roy Schilling

Senior Agile Coach/Trainer
Only Agile, LLC

1. Managing Risk on Agile Projects

Most often, Agile training is focused on the team. While this is obviously a core concept, we tend to spend less time talking about how to manage the work. Without planning risks and dependencies, a well-formed team will quickly find itself mired in impediments, ultimately killing productivity. This session is a discussion of the built-in risk management capabilities of Agile, plus some additional practices we can use to manage and mitigate project risk.

2. The Responsibility of Leadership in an Agile Organization

The core of any Agile practice is the team. A high-performing team can produce high quality work extremely fast, increasing customer satisfaction and reducing time to market. To build high-performing teams, management and leadership must adjust their behaviors to enable the teams to become self-organizing. But if teams are empowered to make decisions for themselves, and don’t need to be driven, what’s the job of management and senior leadership? This session answers that question and presents Agile leadership concepts that are key to building high-performing teams and a culture which enables them to flourish.


For over 15 years, Roy has been working with organizations to build high-performing teams and organizations using Agile and Lean methodologies. Roy is an experienced Agile coach and trainer with strong technical and leadership qualifications with more than 30 years of experience in strategic planning, team development, project and product management and systems engineering strategies. Roy has a proven ability to successfully analyze an organization’s critical issues, identify deficiencies and opportunities, and develop innovative and cost-effective solutions for enhancing competitiveness and effectiveness. Roy has worked in numerous industries including Government, Financial services, Insurance, and Manufacturing.