Yelena Ganshof

Founder, BrandBoosting

Cracking Social Media for Professionals

Social media today is a very active zone for businesses and personal brands, helping to expand their visibility, authority, and credibility as well as to attract partners, clients, and associates, and to connect with many professionals.

It’s no surprise that every time professionals deliver a presentation or carry out an important executive business meeting, their audience and counterparts will turn to social media to scan their professional profiles – checking up on experience, achievements, articles, and posts. Join Yelena as she cracks the code of social media for professionals.



Yelena, the Founder of BrandBoosting, helps executives and business owners create an irresistible image for their business book cover: to make their customers open their book and become part of their business story. She pays special attention to the art of speaking, storytelling over social media and media branding.

Yelena’s international career covers an impressive range of experience from the worlds of finance and diplomacy to retail and fashion. Siberian by origin, she has over 20 years’ experience living and working in the USA, Russia, Singapore and Switzerland. Yelena has a degree in International Economic Relations from Russia and a Master’s degree in Economics from the US.