Kerzner PM Maturity Assessment

How the Kerzner PM Maturity Assessment™ Works

Just like a physical from a doctor you trust, the Kerzner PM Maturity Assessment™ Tool diagnoses the health of project management in your organization. It identifies strategic strengths and weaknesses and then creates a prescriptive action plan for improving the health of your PM efforts. Dr. Harold Kerzner says, "What I have observed in the past five decades is that project management excellence comes from four critical components: effective communications, effective cooperation, effective teamwork and trust.

"With this in mind, Kerzner PM Maturity Assessment™ is significantly more behavioral than quantitative. People manage projects, and methodologies function as supporting tools. You can have the greatest methodology in the world and still not reach a level of maturity because the correct human behavior is not in place. Maturity in project management occurs when people work together correctly. The Kerzner PM Maturity Assessment™ assessment focuses on this - getting people interacting with other people rather than just tools."

Developed by Dr. Harold Kerzner

The assessment framework is based on Dr. Kerzner’s five-level project management maturity model. Several years in development, the Kerzner Maturity Model is the result of real-life application within a number of world-class organizations.

The Online Assessment

Employees who are invited to take the assessment answer a series of 183 multiple-choice questions. The resulting scores provide a candid look at project management within your organization. The tool also gives you a professional analysis of the scores and offers specific suggestions for what your company needs to do differently than they are doing now.

Using the Kerzner PM Maturity Assessment™, you will get answers to strategically important questions including:

  • How effective are PM efforts in our organization?
  • How well has PM been integrated into our business?
  • Is PM a competitive strategy for higher quality & greater customer satisfaction?
  • Are we using the right methods and tools?
  • Is there a homogeneous approach to PM in our organization?
  • What should we do to advance to higher levels of PM maturity?
  • Have we reached levels of PM maturity that are competitive in the marketplace?
  • Close the gap between you and the competition.
  • Use the Kerzner PM Maturity Online Assessment Tool to become more competitive.
  • Get an instant and objective analysis of your organization’s strengths and weaknesses as they relate to each level of the PM maturity model. The tool also provides a comparison of results to other organizations.
  • Scoring provides accurate comparison with objective industry standards
  • The tool is fully aligned with the PMBOK® Guide
  • Password protected and secure, results are kept strictly confidential
  • Allows blind comparisons with companies your size, with others in your industry, or with everyone who has taken the assessment
  • Helps you recognize your competitive strengths & weaknesses
  • Identifies goals to feed into your organization’s strategic planning for project management

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