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Introduction to Design Thinking

Discover the fundamentals of Design Thinking for innovation

Your Instructor: Steve Blais
Steve Blais, PMP, is an IIL Senior Instructor, Course Author, Consultant and Coach. Steve has over four decades of experience in business analysis, project management, and software development and is the author of Business Analysis: Best Practices for Success.
Duration: 15 hours

About the Program:

Innovation is the cornerstone of highly successful companies, especially those that continue to be successful over the years and decades.

Design thinking practices fuel this continual innovation, as they are the critical links from inspiration to delivery, concept to showroom floor, and start-up to global business.

By examining the steps to achieving great design and maximum utility of product, design thinking approaches provide a framework in which to develop new solutions to problems and new products to sell.

Topic Overview:

Mastering Critical Conversations

Build skills for managing the most challenging conversations

Your Instructor: Paul Nichols
Paul Nichols is an IIL Senior Instructor and Consultant with expertise in executive coaching, leadership/management, sales and sales management training, communication and presentation skills.
Duration: 3 hours

About the Program:

This course is designed to enhance your ability to manage critical conversations in the workplace in a way that both inspires growth and engagement and moves people, processes, and the organization forward.

We will explore various obstacles to delivering “challenging” messages effectively, including those that come from the external environment as well as those we encounter internally.

After gaining insight into the brain science behind the biology of conflict and emotion, we will then examine a 5-step framework for delivering difficult messages.

Topic Overview:

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