Mandy Crowther

Sr. Director of Project Management


Generating Trust for Global Virtual Teams

(Video presentation available March 7 – June 9, 2019)

Co-locating teams in a Global Organisation is becoming more and more challenging. Large companies now have a global footprint working across multiple time zones and multiple languages to deliver complex projects. There is an increasing need for effective virtual working, utilising modern technologies to drive decision making and project delivery. It is even more important as leaders, through all this virtuality, to build strong relationships and trust within and outside our teams, whilst continuing to develop our people to deliver our projects.

Leading into the Great Unknown

(Video presentation available March 7 – June 9, 2019)

What do you do when there is no precedence? How do you lead a team whilst they are generating that precedence, whilst they live in that ambiguity? Within pharma drug development we are always trying to deliver medicines to patients in new ways, faster and more innovative ways, using new methodologies and technologies. Leading teams when they are constructing what will become ‘business as usual’ is a rollercoaster but one we must ride.

About Mandy Crowther:

Mandy Crowther is a Senior Director of Project Management within IMED Operations at AstraZeneca.

Trained as chemist she joined the company in 1988 and since 2010 has gained extensive experience in the leadership of cross-functional, global teams to deliver projects from lead optimisation to end Phase 2B, project and portfolio management and alliance relationship management.

She currently leads a team of Global Project Managers working across Oncology small molecule and Neuroscience small and large molecule Drug Development for AstraZeneca