Michael Hill

VP Corporate Science & Technology and Innovation


The Innovator’s Mindset

(Video presentation available March 7 – June 9, 2019)

What makes a person an innovator? The key differentiator is their mindset. Practicing certain skills can improve your innovative possibilities.

Innovators build on their area of expertise; they are prepared. They often have a deep understanding of a field – but this does not confine their thinking – it provides a strong foundation to build, experiment, and learn. They start with a ‘blank slate’, observing, curious, questioning, digging deeper, broadening horizons, seeking diverse intersections, seeing the possibilities.

Extreme paradigm shifts occur when diverse intersections occur serendipitously, resulting in discovery and value creation. The future is unpredictable; however, we can be prepared for a future unlike today by having an innovator’s mindset.

About Michael Hill:

Michael Hill joined Medtronic in July 1992 as a Scientist in the Cardiac Rhythm Management division of Medtronic in Minneapolis, MN, working on arrhythmia prevention research. Most recently, Dr. Hill has served as the Vice President of Corporate Science & Technology and Innovation to focus on building a sustainable innovation ecosystem for Medtronic’s continued and future success.

In 2010, Dr. Hill achieved a significant milestone obtaining his fiftieth patent in his 18 years with Medtronic; he now holds more than sixty. In connection with his Medtronic role, Dr. Hill also has authored several book chapters, manuscripts, and abstracts. He is a reviewer for several medical journals, and is often an invited lecturer at international cardiac-related conferences and university events. He was awarded a CRDM Star of Excellence award in 2011. In 2012, he was inducted as Fellow of the American Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering. In 2013, he was awarded the Distinguished Engineering Alumni award from Duke University. He was awarded the Medtronic Patent of Distinction Award in 2014.

A native of Jackson, Tennessee, Dr. Hill received his BSE [Biomedical and Electrical Engineering] and BS [Mathematics] Degrees from Duke University, MS and PhD [Biomedical Engineering] Degrees from Case Western Reserve University, and MBA [Management] Degree from the University of St. Thomas.