Michelle Cummings

Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer

Personify Leadership

Leadership and Emotional Resiliency

(Video presentation available March 7 – June 9, 2019)

Emotional resiliency is the ability to adapt to stressful situations and relationships in the workplace. It’s nearly impossible to talk about challenges in our world today without hearing the word “stress” again and again. Most people will want to learn how to make it go away. In this session, we take it one step further and explore how to embrace good stress (yes, a certain level of challenge in the workplace is okay!) and prevent bad stress in the workplace.

We will employ a combination of neuroscience and practical examples to help you better understand stress triggers. You will walk away with tools to help you recognize when those around you are overly stressed.

By the end of this session, you will be able to:

About Michelle Cummings:

Michelle Cummings, M.S., is the Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer for Personify Leadership. Her diverse background in team development programs helped her engineer and create the experiential activities utilized in Personify Leadership programs.

Michelle is also the Big Wheel and founder of Training Wheels, a known leader in the Team Development industry. She is an accomplished author and is a dynamic, sought-after speaker and consultant in the areas of leadership, teambuilding, and experiential learning. Michelle has created a wide variety of facilitation, debriefing and teambuilding activities that have collectively changed the way trainers and educators work.

Michelle speaks at more than 15 local, national, and international conferences each year and authors a monthly teambuilding newsletter called The Spokesperson that has over 16,000 subscribers in 65 countries. Michelle holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Kansas State University and a master’s degree in Experiential Education from Minnesota State University at Mankato.