Six Simple Steps for Creating a Portfolio Management Process in Your Organization

By J. LeRoy Ward
Executive Vice President – Enterprise Solutions, International Institute for Learning

J. LeRoy Ward

Are you thinking of starting, or improving, a portfolio management process in your organization?

If so, don’t start the way many organizations do: by diving into the weeds of which financial or quantitative models should be used for project selection. While this is certainly an important component of portfolio management, it’s only one of many to consider at the outset.

So, where do you start?

Well, that’s the very question I asked many years ago when I realized our company was drowning in too many projects, and too many of those projects were top priority. Sound familiar? I bet it does!

That question began a fifteen-year journey of trying to sort out how to do portfolio management as simply as possible while gaining the maximum benefit.

Based on that experience I’ve come to the conclusion that to get started right, you need to do six things to increase your chances of creating a portfolio management process that will create lasting business value, rather than just another bureaucratic process that wastes time and money.

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