Unified Project Management® Methodology

Unified Project Management® Methodology (UPMM™) Overview

In order to stay in business, companies today must be able to execute and deliver projects successfully.  Those that consistently do so achieve strong competitive advantage in the marketplace.  Those that don’t have trouble staying afloat.

What do organizations that excel in project management have in common? Long-term, sustainable business success.  And that success is driven by a well-defined project management methodology.

IIL's Unified Project Management Methodology is a PMBOK® Guide-aligned methodology that guides your PMs step-by-step through managing their projects.  Both comprehensive and flexible, it can be easily scaled and tailored so it applies to all types of projects across your organization. 

Three different versions of this out-of-the-box solution are available to teams and organizations.  They are: UPMM™ Powered by PIEmatrix, and UPMM in SharePoint 2010

While the versions of UPMM above vary in terms of the technology which enables them, they all:

  • Provide a practical guide to project management throughout the enterprise
  • Enable your project managers to follow a standard and effective approach, with minimal effort, to achieve consistency and completeness.
  • Accelerate project management maturity by offering a consistent process for performing project management. Using repeatable processes and industry best practices increases organizational efficiency and productivity.
  • Aggregate all the knowledge required to manage projects in your company, including templates, examples, guidelines, procedures, policies, best practices and a large online knowledge base

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